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Frequently Asked Questions about our Services

frequently questions about our services Tealca Miami
How can I make a shipment to Venezuela?

You have two ways to make a shipment:

  1. If you are in the cities of Miami, Orlando or Kentucky, you can come to any of our locations where we will receive and process your packages to make the shipment to the destination city in Venezuela.
  2. If you are in another state of the United States, in Venezuela or in another country, we have a locker service to receive your online purchases or your orders and perform the respective procedure to ship to Venezuela. You can register by clicking here

How much does it cost to ship a package?

The price of your shipment may vary depending on:

  • Type of package or document
  • Package weight or volume
  • Shipping method (air or ocean)

To know our rates write to us on instagram messaging @tealcamiami or to our email customerservice@tealca.us. You can also call us at 786 574-2843 to request more information about our rates.

How long does it take for my shipment to be delivered in Venezuela?

The delivery time will depend on the shipping method you choose. Depending on the shipping modality, the delivery lapse is from approximately 7 to 15 days (by air) or from 3 to 5 weeks (by sea).

Disclaimer: delivery times are subject to change depending on the shipping process.

What are the days of departure to Venezuela?

We work with pre-established departures. Each month, we have four air departures and two sea departures. For the air service, the frequency of travel is once a week (every Friday), while for the sea service, the frequency is fortnightly (every other Friday).

  • If you are a locker customer: you can approach our headquarters until Thursday of that week to dispatch your shipments at the corresponding departure.
  • If you are a locker customer: we can receive your repacking or quotation requests until Wednesday to ensure proper processing of your shipments.

How can I track my package?

To check the status of your shipment, log in to our tracking tool to enter the tracking number corresponding to your shipment.

Can I insure my goods?

The insurance system will depend on the value of the item you wish to protect in your shipment. This is calculated according to the declared value as follows:

  • From $1 to $200: $12
  • From $201 to $300: $13
  • From $301 to $500: $15
  • From $501 and up: 5% of the value of the merchandise.

Insuring packages is mandatory if they contain invoiced electronics. However, you can also use the insurance system for other items such as clothing or footwear, as long as they contain the purchase invoice.

Now, if your package does not have an invoice, but you wish to purchase the insurance anyway, we will provide you with a commercial invoice so that you can state the brand, model and value of the item in order to calculate the insurance for it.

In case of loss we will proceed to indemnify based on the amount declared at the time of shipment.

Do I have to declare the contents and value of my shipment?

Yes, every new item of high value must be declared, if it is electronic, it is mandatory to contract the insurance system. To do so, you must send us the invoice of the items you wish to insure in order to calculate the additional cost to be paid together with the freight.

What is the maximum and minimum capacity of kilograms that I can send?

There is no minimum number of pounds or kilograms for your shipment. However, the maximum weight allowed is 25 kilograms or 65 pounds per package

If your shipment exceeds the maximum weight, there will be an additional $10 overweight charge up to 100 pounds, therefore, we recommend you to distribute your shipment in several packages. Alternatively, you can contact us at

Please contact us at customerservice@tealca.us if you have any special requirements regarding the packaging of your items.

How can I pay for my shipment?

You can cancel your shipments through the following payment methods:

  • If you are a locker customer, you can cancel with debit card, credit card or cash.
  • If you are a locker customer, you can cancel with Paypal, Zelle or international credit card.

Can electronic devices be shipped?

Yes, we offer safe transportation of electronic equipment such as: cell phones, tablets, laptops, video game consoles, televisions, computers, among others. However, we recommend you take into account the following considerations:

  • By air, you can send one (1) electronic device per waybill.
  • By sea, you can send up to $2000 in declared value in electronic devices per waybill.

In this regard, we recommend that electronic devices travel alone or in packages that do not exceed one kilogram in weight. In other words, if your shipment weighs three kilograms, we will separate it into two packages to avoid any inconvenience.

Is it possible to send medicines?

That’s right! You can send up to 12 boxes of medicines per package, however, you must accompany them with other products. 

In this regard, we recommend you to read our section on sending medicines to Venezuela from the United States where you will find more information and detailed recommendations.

Can I send documents?

Yes, we will take care of sending your documents to any of the destinations covered in Venezuela. The cost of this service is calculated according to the weight of the envelope:

  • Up to one (1) pound: $15
  • From one (1) pound and up: $25

For security reasons, we cannot transport original personal identification documents such as passports, identity cards, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, etc.

What type of packaging should I use?

We recommend packing your packages in cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, kraft paper, newspaper or any other material that will protect fragile products.

Can the boxes be purchased directly from the store?

That’s right! We have the following boxes available:

  • 12″ x 12″ x 12″ = $1.60
  • 14″ x 14″ x 14″ = $2.30
  • 18″ x 12″ x 12″ = $2.67
  • 16″ x 16″ x 16″ x 16″ = $2.94

How does the locker service work to send to Venezuela?

First, you must register on the form to create a custom locker code. Click here to register.

Once registered, we will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make your online purchases or send your orders to our address. When we receive them, we will take care of repacking and transporting them to any of our destinations in Venezuela.

Every time we receive one of your packages in our office, we will notify you via email and process them according to your instructions.

Does the locker service have any cost?

The locker service is totally free, that is, you do not have to pay a subscription or monthly fee.

If I have several items in my locker, can you pack them in a single box?

Yes, with the repacking service we will help you reduce costs by consolidating all the online purchases you have made. 

This service has a cost of 15$ up to 7 tracking (packages that are received separately), from the eighth one we charge 1$ for each additional tracking. As soon as we receive your instructions, we will send you an electronic invoice and payment instructions.

If I already have an account, can I also make purchases in Spain and Panama?

Of course, if you already have a locker account with Tealca Miami, you do not have to register again. You can use your same customer code and change the shipping address when shopping online:

  • Miami: 7490 NW 54th street, Miami FL, 33166, United States.
  • Madrid: Alfonso Gómez 42, Pb, Local 201, 28037 Madrid, Spain.
  • Panama City: via España with Federico Boyd Avenue, P.B. of the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Local 12, Panama City, Panama.

To discuss your shipments from Miami, you can contact us through:

  • Email: customerservice@tealca.us
  • Phone: +1 786 574 28 43
  • Instagram: @tealcamiami
  • Facebook: Tealca USA

To discuss your shipments from Spain, you can contact us via:

To discuss your shipments from Panama, you can contact us via:

Phone: +507 383 03 60

Instagram: @tealcapanama


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Customer reviews

Muchísimas gracias Tealca! Mi familia recibió las dos cajas que envíe sin ningún problema. Y especialmente quiero resaltar en lo rápido que llegó la encomienda; DOS SEMANAS a Valera, Trujillo! Gracias Francis por tan excelente servicios al... cliente.... Definitivamente volveré a usar Tealca. Gracias!!!read more
Marianela O.
Marianela O.
Excelente servicio, el envio maritimo llego en 15 dias, increible. Otras companias se tardan un mes y mas , ademas siempre se robaban algo. Recomendados ampliamente.
Miguel Angel L.
Miguel Angel L.
Estoy muy satisfecha con el servicio ya he hecho varios envíos y todos han llegado correctamente a su destino. Es una compañía seria y responsable la recomiendo
Beatriz V.
Beatriz V.
Responsables, buena atención, el pedido llego rápido y me lo llevaron hasta la puerta de la casa. Cumplieron el servicio que ofrecen a pesar de la crisis de nuestro país
Hector I.
Hector I.
Mil gracias Tealca estoy muy satisfecha con el servicio. Excelente lo recomiendo 10000% mi familia recibio la encomienda y estoy tan feliz que este diciembre podrán comer hayacas.
Eddy Luz Garcia M.
Eddy Luz Garcia M.
Excelente atencion en las oficinas de miami,me buscaron el empaque en el vehiculo por mi problema de columnna...pague maritimo y llego en 15 dias super rapido..y la entrega muy amable y cordial, todo llego bien ...Graciassss por su servicio
Teresa S.
Teresa S.
Excelente servicio. Todo llega rápido y en perfectas condiciones. La atención es esmerada. Gracias Tealca
Elias B. T.
Elias B. T.
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